Hunger Tribute Games Tween/Teen Birthday Vancouver

Hunger Tribute Games Birthday Party for Tweens or Teens.

Looking for a tweens or teens birthday party?   Can’t find anything cool for your young ones growing up so fast.? Look no further Catniss has arrived to train your kids in firing a bow and learning survival games in The Hunger Tribute Games!youngwizardsacademyhungergames4

Catniss arrives to your party sporting her bow over her shoulder as the theme music plays in the background. Catniss educates all the kids in the parts of the bow and skills need to shoot the bow and arrow in a safe way. She helps with alignment nocking the arrow and releasing on target. All kids, tweens and teens get to shoot into a safety net with targets.


Let the kids enter their name into the glass bowl and the 76th games. The birthday girl/boy can then reach inside and announce where each person will be placed and their district number. See everyone wear the tunic of each district with the symbol on the front.  Each district can have two participants.


All kids get to experience several cool games like Tracker Jacker tag, Hunger eyes and then the big finale. Let the Hunger Tribute Games Cornucopia Nerf Battle begin! Each participant runs into the cornucopia to grab their bow and begin firing to see who can be the last victor standing.

Let Catniss rock your party today, each show is highly interactive and can be done outdoors or indoors depending on the number of participants. We can host up to 24kids for this event. For ages 9-16 years old.  Each kid also gets to leave with a tribute game pin!

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Birthday Parties in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland


Sapce Station Birthday Pinata

This Space Star piñata can be quite an easy craft to build. They are great for birthday parties for kids. You have to use a beach ball, lots of strips of old newspaper and paper mache glue gun and mix solution. The hard part comes when you have to paint all the little lines that you see on the surface details. This is done after the mache big ball is finished and primed with general gray spray paint.


So you have started with a medium beach ball and did 5-7 layers of paper over top of it, letting each layer dry in between each other .

I moved positions each time where I started the layer as well, Because the same spot can pile it up, thus budging out because just randomly rotate it and start another layer. No really a big deal you just want it to look somewhat round.

If you are doing it over a week or so then you can store the flour and water mixture in the fridge.

Once it’s all mache and dry you start with these steps

The indented part that was their secret weapon . (You’ll notice it goes around the spigot that was for inflating the beach ball: You can just draw this part with a marker

Drill a hole in the top part of the sphere, keeping in mind where the indented part should be. Once it’s filled, use a couple more layers of paper mache to seal up the hole! Make sure there is a rope attached to the beach ball spigot inside that you can use to hang the piñata, If its being used for a kids birthday.

A couple coats of general primer spray paint happens to be just the right color grey…

Then I took a brush and black paint to start adding the detail marks that are around the whole thing.

2014-05-19 17.21.27

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Over all a fun project if you are looking for an art project before the kids birthday party or maybe a craft project with the kids on a Sunday afternoon .

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Kids birthday Party Vancouver

Kids birthday party Vancouver and area.

Here’s a quick list of Parties at Young Wizards Academy available for girls and boys.


  1. Looking for a fun party try Young Wizards Academy try the Finding the Force Within Adventure. All the kids get to meet Obi-Kai Kenobi , Master of the Force Within Alliance. Watch as each child gets to robe up and become a Young Master themselves. See them use the force powers and begin to move small objects across the yard. As Obi-Kai watches their development and puts them through the 6 ancient poses of the Masters he determines they have enough power to give them a saber. The kids receive saber movement and speed training and experience the hidden art of saber bubble popping .The kids are now prepared to go on a secret mission deep into the galactic universe. Will they find the hidden power gem treasure? Ultimate boy birthday adventure. One awesome kids birthday party Vancouver.


  1. Chamber of Treasure- Experience sitting under the Sortin Hat and find out what house you would be placed into. Become trained by the castle professor Marty Mcgonagall in Wand & Spell Class. Watch as the kids receive their first wand that they get to keep and then see them shoot their wands for the first time. Learn all the spells that prepare you for a mission deep into the dungeon of the Castle.


  1. Meet Sir Lancelot as he strolls into your party donning full chainmail. Watch as Merlin has enchanted Lancelot’s sword and he’s able to move object with it. Each child gets to wear a cool medieval tunic and wield their own foam sword. All the kids take to one knee and become knighted. All the kids are now ready to battle with their new found powers to prove they get to keep their swords.

This is just a taste of what you will find at Young Wizards Academy feel free to check us out here Kids Birthday Party Vancouver.

We currently have ten parties to choose from with three new ones coming soon this fall. Two new ones will be performed by Professor Trelawney and be for Tween & Teen girls.

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Themed Birthday Ideas and Loot Bags


If you have ever thrown a child’s birthday party, you know the expenses of all the components brought together to throw the “perfect” event. After you’ve gotten your decorations, your food, your entertainment, and all your invites, you’ve accumulated a good lump sum of cash! You now realize after inviting your child’s entire class, family members and neighbour’s that you STILL have loot bags! Loot bags always seem to add up to be quite expensive. Parents have now found various ways to bypass and come up with their own creative ideas so that children are no longer getting the ordinary loot bag, dollar store regulars. Following are new ideas for party favors for a variety of different types of themed events!

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Vancouver Themed Birthday Ideas 
Art and Painting Party
Canvases or art pad with felts, paints or crayons.

Circus Party
Sending a child home with a clown ‘ s nose and face paints.

Movie Party
Send child home with popcorn bucket amd theatre treats.

Music Party
Have each child make their own musical instruments to take home.

Beach Party
Send child home with pail and sand toys and beach towel.

Sleepover Party
Get crafty and create DIY pillowcases or sleep masks

Hippie Party
Have each child make a tie dye shirt or bandana

Super Hero Party
Have each child make a cape or face mask

Homemade Play Dough
Another interactive DIY activity. Make play dough

Creative Cookies
Have children decorate their own cookies. With any themed party you can create the sugar cookie shape and children grt become imaginative with the icing or toppings

Picture Frame
Take a picture of each child with the birthday child or your child entertainer with the children. During the party have each invite decorate a picture frame. A great keepsake and memory for every partygoer!

To Go Cups
I recently attended a birthday party where each child got to decorate their own to go/water bottle cup.  Each child personalized their cup with their names and foam stickers.

Homemade Crayons
Crayons can be made in any shapes and sizes.

Pedicure in a Jar
Fill a mason jar with a a small nail polish, nail file, buffer and clippers.

DIY Aprons
Have each child decorate their own apron!

Baseball Party
Have each child’s name on a baseball. Have all the invites sign the ball for a great memory!

Princess Party
Have each child decorate their own crown.

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Vancouver themed birthday ideas

Potion Party Ideas and Decorations.

Potter Potion parties can be extremely fun as kids get to touch and feel all the ingredients. It can really make an unreal themed birthday!

Please view my company here Kids Birthday Parties Vancouver if looking for the Professors to come to your home and put on a Potions Party !!!!


Some ideas for setting up or creating your own decorations:

The party can include a few different types of displays/food tables to correlate with some of our favorite fun parts of the Potter world. A potions display isn’t complete without a bubbling cauldron, potions, spell book, slimy creatures, spiders, and a skull. Spiders following a line up the wall always make a nice touch. You can purchase a bunch of small, wacky shaped little bottles and filled each with different colored water or items that matched the descriptions in the movie and books. You can make small tags that and displayed on each bottle. It’s always fun finding finding their favorite potions from the books. Making a invisibility potion is always a hit make sure it’s drinkable too. Etsy has fabulous items and tons of variety and also back drops as well.   Call your local store first to see what they have in stock as well


Potions class is best to keep for the end of the party and prepped the kids for cake and treats and or food. Creating drinks with many different colored sodas available, from Sprite to Orange to Sun Drop. Light-colored sodas work the best. Drop in a tablet or more of Instant Flavor Drink Tablets and watch the color change before their eyes. The flavor changes… be prepared! These drink tablets don’t taste very good in plain old water, but mix them into soda and POOF, PRESTO! you have your own potion creation . Now, dare all your friends to try it. Super Fun.

Kids always have a blast making up their own potions and trying them out!

Force Within Summer Camp – Port Coquitlam BC

Young Wizards Academy is proud to offer its Force Within Summer Day Camp!

Our camp includes all of the basic training a young master needs. Children get to create their own character, develop their balance and coordination through fun training games and experience becoming an action hero.

summer camp port coquitlamnight saber trainingforce within camp

Kids begin the day at the Temple Studio where they learn agility and movements and learn the force from the masters. As the day unfolds they experience walking through Endor Forest where they arrive at the training grounds where they continue their training with a rope obstacle course and games to build their skills. It’s now time to go on top secret missions through the forest! Who’s know whatYWALAZERCAMP may jump out as the young pupils must prove their new abilities with the saber. An ultimate imagination adventure camp!!

Main Camp Staff – All staff are screened by Young Wizards Academy, Criminal record checked

Marty Carew


Marty has over 15 years working with kids from the YMCA Camps to Cruise Ships. He has 10 years training in Tai Chi, 18 budda hands and Self Defense. 7 years Burnaby School Board Special Educational Assistant Teacher & Owner of Young Wizards Academy.



Amanda has 3 years as a Certified Health Care Assistant & Child Care Worker.First Aid certified, Actor with Young Wizards Academy, 4 years kids basketball and soccer coach.



First Aid certified, 12 Years First Aid Instructor for Canadian Ski Patrol, Certified BCRPA Yoga Instructor, Actor with Young Wizards Academy, Meditation Teacher & 10 years working with special needs individuals. Laser tag blaster extraordinaire!

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Young Wizards Academy Parties and Camps Vancouver   

Potter Potions Party

Potter Parties Potions Class – 90 minute birthday party or event.

Young Wizards Academy now has two Potter Party packages. The first package is Chamber of Treasure wand adventure where kids attend wand training. The second is a very fun Potions Party where they receive wand training and attend potions class. Potion Parties are great for kids ages 6-10 girls and boys. Potter Parties available in the Greater Vancouver and lower mainland areas.

Watch the kids go through wand training and spell casting class then the school bell rings and they are off to the laboratory for their very first Potions Class. That’s right we come and transform your dining room, kitchen or activity room into a potions laboratory. The potions professor brings all the necessary supplies for each child to have their very own potions class experience. The Professor will lay out small cauldrons, beakers, napkins and several potion dropper bottles for each and every group. Each child gets their own cauldron and beakers to create their very own potion. Kids also receive several dry ingredients as well like Pixie Dust and Powdered Pigmy Puffs. All wet and dry ingredient are food grade safe for kids to use.


Watch the kids carefully sprinkle in the spider eggs into their cauldron or feel the flubber worm slime between their fingers. Be careful creating the invisibility potion as for one wrong ingredient might make you disappear! Use your magic wands skills to have the potion come to life. See how your beaker bubbles over when you discover that the potion knows you have a secret.

Potter potions parties have two actors that entertain the kids a full 90 minutes. There is a limit of 16 kids in this party package as it allows the actors to give the necessary attention to each child to make it a successful party. There needs to be a sink in the room for the potion party participants to be able to use.

All the kids get to keep their custom made wand to keep and a dragon gem they discover on a adventure deep in the dungeon of the castle.

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Young Wizards Academy is a children’s entertainment company in the lower mainland that provides Actioned themed birthdays and events.