How to plan your child’s birthday part 1

How to plan a birthday Part 1

Ok let’s be real. Kid birthday parties today can be super fun even better than when we were kids. Planning them may be the hard part, here is some simple steps to make your life easier for planning a party in the early stages.(2-3 weeks away)

  1. Pick a theme and what’s going to happen at the party. If it’s a boy party consider picking a traditional boy color and provide lots of physical activities. If it’s a girl consider more arts and crafts and strategy type games. Kids these days can fall into either category. You know your child the best and what they would like.
  2. If booking an entertainer, room or inflatable castle book it now. These people need at least 10 days in advance or you may be out of luck for availability for your date and time.
  3. Decide on time and number of kids- Younger kids do great in morning parties when there fresh. Ten to fifteen kids is a normal average for a successful party. Plan your invitation to send out at least two weeks before the party. Families are busy in today’s world and often book plans quickly. Now’s the time to ask your child who they would like at the party.
  4. Start considering the food and cake. Will you be making the food yourself and if so make a list of all the ingredients need. If ordering from a store or catering company consider calling now to reserve and make your orders and look at what’s available. Also consider any food allergies of the children attending.    Next week we will discuss 5 days away from the big day !

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Please feel free to check out my website at     Action Movie themed birthday’s in Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

Cheers Marty C


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