Potter Potions Party

Potter Parties Potions Class – 90 minute birthday party or event.

Young Wizards Academy now has two Potter Party packages. The first package is Chamber of Treasure wand adventure where kids attend wand training. The second is a very fun Potions Party where they receive wand training and attend potions class. Potion Parties are great for kids ages 6-10 girls and boys. Potter Parties available in the Greater Vancouver and lower mainland areas.

Watch the kids go through wand training and spell casting class then the school bell rings and they are off to the laboratory for their very first Potions Class. That’s right we come and transform your dining room, kitchen or activity room into a potions laboratory. The potions professor brings all the necessary supplies for each child to have their very own potions class experience. The Professor will lay out small cauldrons, beakers, napkins and several potion dropper bottles for each and every group. Each child gets their own cauldron and beakers to create their very own potion. Kids also receive several dry ingredients as well like Pixie Dust and Powdered Pigmy Puffs. All wet and dry ingredient are food grade safe for kids to use.


Watch the kids carefully sprinkle in the spider eggs into their cauldron or feel the flubber worm slime between their fingers. Be careful creating the invisibility potion as for one wrong ingredient might make you disappear! Use your magic wands skills to have the potion come to life. See how your beaker bubbles over when you discover that the potion knows you have a secret.

Potter potions parties have two actors that entertain the kids a full 90 minutes. There is a limit of 16 kids in this party package as it allows the actors to give the necessary attention to each child to make it a successful party. There needs to be a sink in the room for the potion party participants to be able to use.

All the kids get to keep their custom made wand to keep and a dragon gem they discover on a adventure deep in the dungeon of the castle.

Please visit my site at www.youngwizardsacademy.com for more pictures, videos and party Information. Also discover 7 more actioned themed birthday party packages and come see what everyone is raving about at Young Wizards Academy.

Young Wizards Academy is a children’s entertainment company in the lower mainland that provides Actioned themed birthdays and events.


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