Themed Birthday Ideas and Loot Bags


If you have ever thrown a child’s birthday party, you know the expenses of all the components brought together to throw the “perfect” event. After you’ve gotten your decorations, your food, your entertainment, and all your invites, you’ve accumulated a good lump sum of cash! You now realize after inviting your child’s entire class, family members and neighbour’s that you STILL have loot bags! Loot bags always seem to add up to be quite expensive. Parents have now found various ways to bypass and come up with their own creative ideas so that children are no longer getting the ordinary loot bag, dollar store regulars. Following are new ideas for party favors for a variety of different types of themed events!

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Vancouver Themed Birthday Ideas 
Art and Painting Party
Canvases or art pad with felts, paints or crayons.

Circus Party
Sending a child home with a clown ‘ s nose and face paints.

Movie Party
Send child home with popcorn bucket amd theatre treats.

Music Party
Have each child make their own musical instruments to take home.

Beach Party
Send child home with pail and sand toys and beach towel.

Sleepover Party
Get crafty and create DIY pillowcases or sleep masks

Hippie Party
Have each child make a tie dye shirt or bandana

Super Hero Party
Have each child make a cape or face mask

Homemade Play Dough
Another interactive DIY activity. Make play dough

Creative Cookies
Have children decorate their own cookies. With any themed party you can create the sugar cookie shape and children grt become imaginative with the icing or toppings

Picture Frame
Take a picture of each child with the birthday child or your child entertainer with the children. During the party have each invite decorate a picture frame. A great keepsake and memory for every partygoer!

To Go Cups
I recently attended a birthday party where each child got to decorate their own to go/water bottle cup.  Each child personalized their cup with their names and foam stickers.

Homemade Crayons
Crayons can be made in any shapes and sizes.

Pedicure in a Jar
Fill a mason jar with a a small nail polish, nail file, buffer and clippers.

DIY Aprons
Have each child decorate their own apron!

Baseball Party
Have each child’s name on a baseball. Have all the invites sign the ball for a great memory!

Princess Party
Have each child decorate their own crown.

Thanks for the read!

Vancouver themed birthday ideas


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