Hunger Tribute Games Tween/Teen Birthday Vancouver

Hunger Tribute Games Birthday Party for Tweens or Teens.

Looking for a tweens or teens birthday party?   Can’t find anything cool for your young ones growing up so fast.? Look no further Catniss has arrived to train your kids in firing a bow and learning survival games in The Hunger Tribute Games!youngwizardsacademyhungergames4

Catniss arrives to your party sporting her bow over her shoulder as the theme music plays in the background. Catniss educates all the kids in the parts of the bow and skills need to shoot the bow and arrow in a safe way. She helps with alignment nocking the arrow and releasing on target. All kids, tweens and teens get to shoot into a safety net with targets.


Let the kids enter their name into the glass bowl and the 76th games. The birthday girl/boy can then reach inside and announce where each person will be placed and their district number. See everyone wear the tunic of each district with the symbol on the front.  Each district can have two participants.


All kids get to experience several cool games like Tracker Jacker tag, Hunger eyes and then the big finale. Let the Hunger Tribute Games Cornucopia Nerf Battle begin! Each participant runs into the cornucopia to grab their bow and begin firing to see who can be the last victor standing.

Let Catniss rock your party today, each show is highly interactive and can be done outdoors or indoors depending on the number of participants. We can host up to 24kids for this event. For ages 9-16 years old.  Each kid also gets to leave with a tribute game pin!

ywaCywa cat20150728_153610

Contact us today at Amazing Vancouver Parties!

Thanks for taking the time to visit us today have a wonderful day.

Marty @ Young Wizards Academy

Birthday Parties in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland


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