Simple easy party games for kids

Hosting a birthday party? Well one of the most important aspects will be the games and entertainment!

Yes, the treats and cake are a big hit but if you have nothing for the kids to do it can quickly become an out of control sugar induced run around. Kids if left up to their own devices can either create chaos or a big whine-fest of I’m bored.

The following is a set of games that are fun for every age of kid and will surely engage their attention span for a period of time.

Obstacle Course – Kids love to be physical so have them perform a set of tasks in an obstacle course.

Here are some ideas that need little supplies and easy to set up. Bring a small plank acting as a balance beam to walk across, a simple puzzle to put together(10 pieces), taped squares on the floor which they to hope from one to the next and a broom handle they have to spin around on the spot. Another idea is to set up sting in every direction to create a type of spider web and they have to crawl through, this may need a place with good anchor points.

Balloons – Balloons are incredible versatile in use with lots of games. Each child gets a balloon and must keep it in the air without it touching the floor, if it does the child is out until a winner is decided. A balloon race is always fun but you can’t hold the balloon you must only hit it. Another idea is to place the balloon between the legs and starting hopping have a relay that each time must hop around a cone and then pass the balloon onto the next hopper.

I hope these give a few ideas to start your party fun. Please click on the following link for my site and more information on games and entertainment.

Marty from Kids birthday ideas Vancouver.

Owner of Young Wizards Academy – Vancouver Birthday Entertainment.

Marty from www.


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