Potion Party Ideas and Decorations.

Potter Potion parties can be extremely fun as kids get to touch and feel all the ingredients. It can really make an unreal themed birthday!

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Some ideas for setting up or creating your own decorations:

The party can include a few different types of displays/food tables to correlate with some of our favorite fun parts of the Potter world. A potions display isn’t complete without a bubbling cauldron, potions, spell book, slimy creatures, spiders, and a skull. Spiders following a line up the wall always make a nice touch. You can purchase a bunch of small, wacky shaped little bottles and filled each with different colored water or items that matched the descriptions in the movie and books. You can make small tags that and displayed on each bottle. It’s always fun finding finding their favorite potions from the books. Making a invisibility potion is always a hit make sure it’s drinkable too. Etsy has fabulous items and tons of variety and also back drops as well.   Call your local store first to see what they have in stock as well


Potions class is best to keep for the end of the party and prepped the kids for cake and treats and or food. Creating drinks with many different colored sodas available, from Sprite to Orange to Sun Drop. Light-colored sodas work the best. Drop in a tablet or more of Instant Flavor Drink Tablets and watch the color change before their eyes. The flavor changes… be prepared! These drink tablets don’t taste very good in plain old water, but mix them into soda and POOF, PRESTO! you have your own potion creation . Now, dare all your friends to try it. Super Fun.

Kids always have a blast making up their own potions and trying them out!


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