Sapce Station Birthday Pinata

This Space Star piñata can be quite an easy craft to build. They are great for birthday parties for kids. You have to use a beach ball, lots of strips of old newspaper and paper mache glue gun and mix solution. The hard part comes when you have to paint all the little lines that you see on the surface details. This is done after the mache big ball is finished and primed with general gray spray paint.


So you have started with a medium beach ball and did 5-7 layers of paper over top of it, letting each layer dry in between each other .

I moved positions each time where I started the layer as well, Because the same spot can pile it up, thus budging out because just randomly rotate it and start another layer. No really a big deal you just want it to look somewhat round.

If you are doing it over a week or so then you can store the flour and water mixture in the fridge.

Once it’s all mache and dry you start with these steps

The indented part that was their secret weapon . (You’ll notice it goes around the spigot that was for inflating the beach ball: You can just draw this part with a marker

Drill a hole in the top part of the sphere, keeping in mind where the indented part should be. Once it’s filled, use a couple more layers of paper mache to seal up the hole! Make sure there is a rope attached to the beach ball spigot inside that you can use to hang the piñata, If its being used for a kids birthday.

A couple coats of general primer spray paint happens to be just the right color grey…

Then I took a brush and black paint to start adding the detail marks that are around the whole thing.

2014-05-19 17.21.27

Feel free to check out my Birthday Parties here:

Over all a fun project if you are looking for an art project before the kids birthday party or maybe a craft project with the kids on a Sunday afternoon .

Thanks for viewing my blog.


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