Kids birthday Party Vancouver

Kids birthday party Vancouver and area.

Here’s a quick list of Parties at Young Wizards Academy available for girls and boys.


  1. Looking for a fun party try Young Wizards Academy try the Finding the Force Within Adventure. All the kids get to meet Obi-Kai Kenobi , Master of the Force Within Alliance. Watch as each child gets to robe up and become a Young Master themselves. See them use the force powers and begin to move small objects across the yard. As Obi-Kai watches their development and puts them through the 6 ancient poses of the Masters he determines they have enough power to give them a saber. The kids receive saber movement and speed training and experience the hidden art of saber bubble popping .The kids are now prepared to go on a secret mission deep into the galactic universe. Will they find the hidden power gem treasure? Ultimate boy birthday adventure. One awesome kids birthday party Vancouver.


  1. Chamber of Treasure- Experience sitting under the Sortin Hat and find out what house you would be placed into. Become trained by the castle professor Marty Mcgonagall in Wand & Spell Class. Watch as the kids receive their first wand that they get to keep and then see them shoot their wands for the first time. Learn all the spells that prepare you for a mission deep into the dungeon of the Castle.


  1. Meet Sir Lancelot as he strolls into your party donning full chainmail. Watch as Merlin has enchanted Lancelot’s sword and he’s able to move object with it. Each child gets to wear a cool medieval tunic and wield their own foam sword. All the kids take to one knee and become knighted. All the kids are now ready to battle with their new found powers to prove they get to keep their swords.

This is just a taste of what you will find at Young Wizards Academy feel free to check us out here Kids Birthday Party Vancouver.

We currently have ten parties to choose from with three new ones coming soon this fall. Two new ones will be performed by Professor Trelawney and be for Tween & Teen girls.

Thanks for very much for visiting my blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

Marty @ Young Wizards Academy


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