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Master Noba Fett Girl Power Party

Some girls are not into Traditional like girl things and thus setting up a birthday party for them can be a difficult task. There really isn’t much out there for tomboy girls. I’ve searched it out and there’s very little out there in ideas.  Well Young Wizards Academy now has a birthday section for these amazing kids!

I introduce to you Girl Power Parties a selection of girl parties that is for that rough and tough girl that wants an adventure. All power parties and lead by a female heroine that create a fun, creative and active party for the kids.


Let Master Noba Fett train your kids in the ways of the force. Watch as Noba Makes a grand entrance to your party. She quick shows her powerful skills by moving objects with her mind. All kids receive their robes and begin their training jumping, ducking and dodging in variety of games.

The young pupils are now ready to receive their very own foam saber they get to keep forever.   Watch as they learn all the famous moves of all the great masters and wield their saber in target practice.

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How to plan your child’s birthday part 1

How to plan a birthday Part 1

Ok let’s be real. Kid birthday parties today can be super fun even better than when we were kids. Planning them may be the hard part, here is some simple steps to make your life easier for planning a party in the early stages.(2-3 weeks away)

  1. Pick a theme and what’s going to happen at the party. If it’s a boy party consider picking a traditional boy color and provide lots of physical activities. If it’s a girl consider more arts and crafts and strategy type games. Kids these days can fall into either category. You know your child the best and what they would like.
  2. If booking an entertainer, room or inflatable castle book it now. These people need at least 10 days in advance or you may be out of luck for availability for your date and time.
  3. Decide on time and number of kids- Younger kids do great in morning parties when there fresh. Ten to fifteen kids is a normal average for a successful party. Plan your invitation to send out at least two weeks before the party. Families are busy in today’s world and often book plans quickly. Now’s the time to ask your child who they would like at the party.
  4. Start considering the food and cake. Will you be making the food yourself and if so make a list of all the ingredients need. If ordering from a store or catering company consider calling now to reserve and make your orders and look at what’s available. Also consider any food allergies of the children attending.    Next week we will discuss 5 days away from the big day !

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Simple easy party games for kids

Hosting a birthday party? Well one of the most important aspects will be the games and entertainment!

Yes, the treats and cake are a big hit but if you have nothing for the kids to do it can quickly become an out of control sugar induced run around. Kids if left up to their own devices can either create chaos or a big whine-fest of I’m bored.

The following is a set of games that are fun for every age of kid and will surely engage their attention span for a period of time.

Obstacle Course – Kids love to be physical so have them perform a set of tasks in an obstacle course.

Here are some ideas that need little supplies and easy to set up. Bring a small plank acting as a balance beam to walk across, a simple puzzle to put together(10 pieces), taped squares on the floor which they to hope from one to the next and a broom handle they have to spin around on the spot. Another idea is to set up sting in every direction to create a type of spider web and they have to crawl through, this may need a place with good anchor points.

Balloons – Balloons are incredible versatile in use with lots of games. Each child gets a balloon and must keep it in the air without it touching the floor, if it does the child is out until a winner is decided. A balloon race is always fun but you can’t hold the balloon you must only hit it. Another idea is to place the balloon between the legs and starting hopping have a relay that each time must hop around a cone and then pass the balloon onto the next hopper.

I hope these give a few ideas to start your party fun. Please click on the following link for my site and more information on games and entertainment.

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Wizard birthday party for a four year old.

Wizard of Atlantis: Birthday parties for boys and girl.

Has your child ever thought of wielding powerful abilities with their very own custom made wand? Young Wizards Academy a new and upcoming children’s entertainment company is very excited to highlight the Wizard of Atlantis: Legend of the dragon egg birthday adventure party. Wizard of Atlantis is a perfect birthday for your four year old.

Watch wizard Fintan arrive at your party and start to use his wand by moving abject or create small safe fireballs to amaze the kids. Each child at this full costumed event gets to choose the wizard they would like to be from the four elements on the planet. They can be a powerful fire wizard, a strong earth wizard, a cunning water wizard or have the ability to float objects as an air wizard. They also get to choose a custom made wand that they use on their adventures throughout the party and get to keep afterwards forever and ever.

Each child gets taken away on an adventure straight up the misty mountain to find a massive dragons cave. What lies deep inside the cave? What powers will the kids need on their daring adventure?

Book your show today at Young Wizards Academy or follow this link to the website. Kids Birthday Party Vancouver BC.

Young Wizards Academy is located in Port Coquitlam and serves the Greater Vancouver area. We fly to wherever you are hosting your birthday party or event. Please feel free to check out my other posts or drop by my website to meet all the wizards and see how Young Wizards Academy is transforming birthday parties across the lower mainland.

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Amazing Vancouver Knights Costumed kids Birthday

Hear ye ! Hear ye ! All knights and royal medieval folk are hereby summoned, by order of the royal king, to the castle courtyard for a tournament of fun merriment.

Translations: Your backyard is going to be transformed into a medieval tournament playground by

I bring you the Knights of Camelot party from Young Wizards Academy, a birthday or event that is full of fun jousting matches and daring sword battles.

Sir Lancelot, a brave and gallant knight of King Arthur’s kingdom will boldly arrive as a real medieval Knight. Listen to his stories and hear about how Merlin has put magic in all knights’ swords in the kingdom then witness Sir Lancelot’s use of his sword in amazing feats of wonder and magic.

Things quickly become interactive with all boys and girls as they receive their very own surcoat tunic that has the crest and insignia of King Arthur’s kingdom on it. They individually take to one knee where Sir Lancelot taps his sword on each shoulder of the child granting them knight status. Each child recites the old code of knighthood and rise with this new found power, strength and sense of chivalry.

Sir Lancelot quickly gets them into training with a storm the castle obstacle course. Kids will have to balance themselves across the moat, shoot with the medieval mini crossbow (foam arrow) at a target and sustain a short sword battle then cross back over the moat. If that wasn’t enough the next event has the group of knights take up their steeds in an exciting jousting relay where they ride their steed(hobby horse) with a foam lance to knock down a standing target.   This fast paced fun event helps build their targeting skills and prepares them for the many challenges of becoming a knight. The children are now prepared to receive their very own sword (they keep forever) and will face their biggest challenge yet a one on one duel with sir Lancelot himself. The kids will now gather together for a fabulous action photo shoot for the record books. This party will be the talk of the kingdom.

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Young Wizards Academy

Amazing birthday parties for kids in Vancouver!

Young Wizards Academy is an entertainment business that provides four unique action adventure themed parties for kids aged 3-9 years. He will use magic, dress-up robes, wands or Foam sabers, face tattoos, interactive games and story adventures for a 70 min show.

Gone are the days of resorting to the traditional wizard or magician for a birthday party. Kids are into characters that are like warriors and superhero’s with unbelievable magic powers. Young Wizards Academy’s shows includes magic like levitation of objects. Storylines that involve giving them super human powers as well as robes and magic wands or lightsabers to add to the experience. Ending with spectacular lighting show of finding a treasure.

This sole proprietorship business is owned by Marty Carew who has more than sixteen years’ experience working with kids. Doing everything, from being a Youth Entertainment Director onboard cruise ships to working as a Special Educational Assistant with the Burnaby School Board. He has a team of people supporting him and the experience to create an amazing Vancouver kids birthday for your son or daughter . please click on the link above for more info.

Martys’ business is unique because he is the only wizard and/or Jedi in the lower mainland market. He combines magic, costumes and interactive stories to make it a more complete experience than his competitors. He has also created a re-envisioned wizard for the next generation that has a superhero style. He is the only one that includes wands and Foam sabers for the kids to take home after the show.