Read if your thinking of hiring a birthday entertainer.

Three rules to follow when hiring a birthday entertainer?

Part 1

So your child is no longer gumming on the presents, more entertained by the paper then what’s inside or they are constantly talking about fairies or using superpowers as they streak across your living room with a wand and cape. As may never thought you are considering hiring a themed birthday entertainer for your child’s special day.

Since becoming a birthday entertainer I have noticed how people react and inquire about the services I provide and thus I focus on making the big day special easy and memorable . I have also spoke with many other entertainers in the business and noticed that that the top quality entertainers have similar traits that one should look for when choosing to hire one.

Visibility – From when you visit their site, check out their facebook page or watch a video you want to see their face!   Lots of Photo’s! You want to know what to expect and who is coming to your house to entertain your child. They should have a bio of who they are, their story and experience being an entertainer. A video is fabulous as it shows their personality while interacting with kids. If it’s a cartoon of superman on their site how do you know what their costume will be like or what their manners are?

Service – They should be quick to respond to your requests with a friendly courteous attitude. An entertainer should respond in some manner within 24 hrs of a request unless it’s on weekends as it’s their working days.   You should feel comfortable speaking with them and confident that they are organized and answer all your questions with ease. You should feel that you can easy contact them if details of your event changes.

Testimonials – Reading their testimonials are important!   What is the quality of them? Are they detailed? Do they sound real? Are they diverse?   Is there lots?   Quality entertainers have quality unique diverse testimonials as real people express themselves uniquely and want to share about their experience. Moms are super busy and if they have had an incredible experience they will take the time to write about their experience.

Written by Marty Carew owner of Young Wizards Academy and kids birthday party Vancouver.

Thanks for the visit.

Marty C   🙂


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