Girl Power Parties Vancouver – Noba Fett

Master Noba Fett Girl Power Party

Some girls are not into Traditional like girl things and thus setting up a birthday party for them can be a difficult task. There really isn’t much out there for tomboy girls. I’ve searched it out and there’s very little out there in ideas.  Well Young Wizards Academy now has a birthday section for these amazing kids!

I introduce to you Girl Power Parties a selection of girl parties that is for that rough and tough girl that wants an adventure. All power parties and lead by a female heroine that create a fun, creative and active party for the kids.


Let Master Noba Fett train your kids in the ways of the force. Watch as Noba Makes a grand entrance to your party. She quick shows her powerful skills by moving objects with her mind. All kids receive their robes and begin their training jumping, ducking and dodging in variety of games.

The young pupils are now ready to receive their very own foam saber they get to keep forever.   Watch as they learn all the famous moves of all the great masters and wield their saber in target practice.

Please visit for more information and updates on Girl Power Parties or to just see what everyone is raving about.

Thanks for taking the time to view my blog. Have a great day !

Marty @ Young Wizard Academy

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Marty @ Young Wizards Academy


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