Wizard birthday party for a four year old.

Wizard of Atlantis: Birthday parties for boys and girl.

Has your child ever thought of wielding powerful abilities with their very own custom made wand? Young Wizards Academy a new and upcoming children’s entertainment company is very excited to highlight the Wizard of Atlantis: Legend of the dragon egg birthday adventure party. Wizard of Atlantis is a perfect birthday for your four year old.

Watch wizard Fintan arrive at your party and start to use his wand by moving abject or create small safe fireballs to amaze the kids. Each child at this full costumed event gets to choose the wizard they would like to be from the four elements on the planet. They can be a powerful fire wizard, a strong earth wizard, a cunning water wizard or have the ability to float objects as an air wizard. They also get to choose a custom made wand that they use on their adventures throughout the party and get to keep afterwards forever and ever.

Each child gets taken away on an adventure straight up the misty mountain to find a massive dragons cave. What lies deep inside the cave? What powers will the kids need on their daring adventure?

Book your show today at Young Wizards Academy or follow this link to the website. Kids Birthday Party Vancouver BC.

Young Wizards Academy is located in Port Coquitlam and serves the Greater Vancouver area. We fly to wherever you are hosting your birthday party or event. Please feel free to check out my other posts or drop by my website to meet all the wizards and see how Young Wizards Academy is transforming birthday parties across the lower mainland.

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