Amazing Vancouver Knights Costumed kids Birthday

Hear ye ! Hear ye ! All knights and royal medieval folk are hereby summoned, by order of the royal king, to the castle courtyard for a tournament of fun merriment.

Translations: Your backyard is going to be transformed into a medieval tournament playground by

I bring you the Knights of Camelot party from Young Wizards Academy, a birthday or event that is full of fun jousting matches and daring sword battles.

Sir Lancelot, a brave and gallant knight of King Arthur’s kingdom will boldly arrive as a real medieval Knight. Listen to his stories and hear about how Merlin has put magic in all knights’ swords in the kingdom then witness Sir Lancelot’s use of his sword in amazing feats of wonder and magic.

Things quickly become interactive with all boys and girls as they receive their very own surcoat tunic that has the crest and insignia of King Arthur’s kingdom on it. They individually take to one knee where Sir Lancelot taps his sword on each shoulder of the child granting them knight status. Each child recites the old code of knighthood and rise with this new found power, strength and sense of chivalry.

Sir Lancelot quickly gets them into training with a storm the castle obstacle course. Kids will have to balance themselves across the moat, shoot with the medieval mini crossbow (foam arrow) at a target and sustain a short sword battle then cross back over the moat. If that wasn’t enough the next event has the group of knights take up their steeds in an exciting jousting relay where they ride their steed(hobby horse) with a foam lance to knock down a standing target.   This fast paced fun event helps build their targeting skills and prepares them for the many challenges of becoming a knight. The children are now prepared to receive their very own sword (they keep forever) and will face their biggest challenge yet a one on one duel with sir Lancelot himself. The kids will now gather together for a fabulous action photo shoot for the record books. This party will be the talk of the kingdom.

Please feel free click the link above and see how fun your next birthday can be.

Young Wizards Academy


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